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Taylor-203 | Dump Sperm In My Womb

Taylor will never forget this breeding session!!!

She got together with "The" Black in!! He immediately makes her unzip his pants and take his black cock off and rams it down her whore throat. Watch as she gags and chokes on his black cock as he teaches her how to suck dick! He then pushes her on the bed and stretches her hole wide as he thrusts deep inside her, as he makes sure she will remember this impregnation attempt. He shoves his cock in so deep and fast, she actually "squirts" for the very first time and even gets a drop or two on the camera lens itself!!!! She loses herself so deep into being bred that she just cries out again and again......... He finally flips her onto her stomach again and POUNDS her pussy so hard, and so deep she can only utter noises that are long and gargled and he then grunts out loud as he arches his back and empties his baby making seed deep inside her hole.

I loved the end, where he slowly pulls out and you can see his sperm spill out and run down between her ass cheeks.............very nasty!


Taylor-204 | The Pregnancy Test!

This is the tape that is EXTREMELY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!

We have Taylor being bred by two black men..............and the creampie is exceptional!!!
They take turns and make her do all kinds of nasty acts as they tell her she will be bred. They get so excited, the bigger black man pushes his way to Taylor and shoves his cock in as he grunts and tells her she is his........ After he dumps his seed inside her, you see it oozing back out in thick stands and the other black man shoves a dildo in her and you can see all the sperm cling to it as he rams it back and forth............ The tape then cuts to Taylor back home and she takes the EPT pregnancy test!! She already went to the Doctor and she found out that she was 10 weeks PREGNANT!!! But we wanted to show you!! So we didn’t "cut" away or stop taping, as we wanted you to know without a shadow of a doubt that she was SUCCESSFULLY BLACK BRED! This tape shows her opening the box, tearing the cellophane wrapper off, so you know it has not been tampered with..........we show Taylor showing you that the stick is clear and she pisses on it..........and finally, we focus on the stick as it begins to show that she is indeed pregnant!!!! This is a one of a kind video!!!!!!!!! And we are extremely proud to show you that this whore has been black bred!!!! We will continue to have her used by black cock and we will tape right up to her giving birth!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor-205 | Pregnant and Used

This Pregnant whore gets USED! Three young black bulls abuse this whore NONSTOP for just over an hour!!!

You swear they were "possessed" as they tagged teamed her and made her take their black cocks.............. One of them cums in her pussy twice, and you can hear them talk about her baby already in her belly as they do, as they want to her. The other two Bulls shove their cocks deep in her holes till they spurt and cover her face with their the same time!!!! They don’t stop as they tell her they are going to ADD to her pregnant state and pound into her violently. They take lipstick and write so many filthy things all over her tits, face, and body.........totally humiliating her as they take what they want.

It ends as one of them cums inside her, and she is SPOON FED all that sperm.........
Nasty and Rough!!!!!!!!!


Taylor-206 | Filthy Fertile Fuck

After recouping from a miscarriage, she is back at it again!!

And this time she wants a baby so badly; you can hear her pleading and begging this Black Bull to breed her. Dressed like a whore, she loudly cries out to be impregnated and milks his black cock and gets all his baby making sperm deep inside her. What makes this tape so different is that after she is bred, she takes the time to talk about just how badly she NEEDS to be impregnated and even smokes a cigarette as she talks in depth on being bred by black cock!!

Still seeing her tits swollen from her last pregnancy, this tape is VERY good!


Taylor-207 | Spread and Bred

This Black Man did not want Taylor to get he put her legs in spreader bars and tied her wrists to the headboard with silk rope.

After she was bound helpless, he did what he wanted to her. There was nothing for her to do but to take whatever he desired. Sucking his cock and telling him what a whore she was and that she was there to be bred, he untied her and put her in her "breeding position". He then pounded into her again and Taylor is on all 4's.

Finally he makes this fertile bitch suck his cock till he cums all over her face and chest.........and takes a spoon and scoops up all his seed, and manually inserts it deep inside her. He said he wanted to do it differently. To manually push his seed inside her, to make her chances of becoming pregnant even better!!!


Taylor-209 | After School Breeding

Taylor tells how she really came to like black cock and why she is a black cock whore! Now she wants to have another black baby.  His name was “SMOOTH OPERATOR”!
Taylor tries to look sweet and innocent in a schoolgirl outfit but everyone knows that she is nothing but a slut for black cock!  A greedy little slut! She lays back and spreads those nasty whore legs so that she can feel that black tongue lick up and down her wet pink hole! She sucks his cock and starts to choke on it like a good black cock whore and she looks straight at the camera and you can see the lust and says that she just loves sucking black cock!  It’s all about black cock! She is so hot for his cock that she starts to play with herself to make herself cum!

On her hands and knees Taylor takes that cock like a good breeding whore!  She is the most famous one of all that has been successfully bred by black cock that everyone was provided proof she is at it again! You hear her scream out as she reaches that climax and begs for that black cock....begging for a black baby!  He fucks her so hard that she falls flat on the bed as he still continues to pound his cock into her white cunt. She tells everybody that she is “Taylor made for breeding” she cries out for that baby making sperm to be dumped into her pussy.... she cries out in animalistic passion...give me a black baby...that dick is so good! Our Taylor always shows off that “gooey creampie” to show us that she is full of that baby making black sperm!

And she can’t get enough as she licks her fingers!


Taylor-210 | Black Cock Revenge Breeding

Taylor is the slut in this one! Taylor is dressed like a slut in a vinyl black skirt and a vinyl bra, thigh highs and fuck me heels as she orders a pizza for delivery only to want the black cock that belongs to the delivery guy!  She was in the mood to be bred soooooooo.....

She puts this young black bull on the couch and unzips his pants and takes out his cock and begins to suck him until he is rock hard.
She strips him and then climbs on top of him as she rides his black cock like the whore in heat that she is.  She fucks him really hard as she cries out "I love black cock!" She bends over the couch so that she can be fucked from behind...deep and you will hear her moans as he pounds into her!  He rides her hard definitely delivering that black cock to her She cries out "get it! Take this white pussy" as she gives into his cock completely..... She goes back to sucking his cock...choking and gagging while trying to suck his black baby making sperm to the top to dump into her fertile womb.... she sucks and drools over his cock for a long time...making sure that seed is boiling hot when he shots into her.  He puts her on the couch and spreads her whore legs and fucks her slowly and deeply.  She moans in pleasure as she is getting black dicked!  "Give me that black cock pizza boy....breed this white pussy.  I am made to be pregnant with black babies." He puts her onto her back and once again pumps deep and slow getting ready to dump that load of hot seed deep inside her pussy!
She cries out breed me as he dumps it inside of her and she spanks his ass!  She pushes and it oozes out!
A gooey creampie....she laughs and says that she has never fucked a pizza boy before.....the pizza boy says that he has to leave and that he appreciated the tip!


Taylor-211 | Taylor's Full of Sperm

Taylor is dressed in her slave outfit and the wrap around fuck me heels!

So slutty and ready to be bred!  Taylor has been woken up for another breeding and so she is that sleepy slut but still wants that black cock!   Master T starts fucking her and she is moaning something about a big black cock. She finally manages to get on her hands and knees and takes that dick deep into her cunt and he lays back and makes her fuck his can see those pussy lips pulling inside out as she is taking his cock!  She is coming to life again as she rides that big black cock! He smacks that ass as he makes her ride his can hear his balls slapping against her as he gives her that dick hard!!!!!!!!! He has Taylor in a perfect breeding position and he makes her work hard for his cock.

He begins to pump her hard and she moans and moans and wraps those long legs around him………she tells him to give her that baby making sperm and he grabs her and starts fucking the girl hard!  He pounds that cock into her as he uses her hole for a place to dump his baby making seed!  He pulls his dick out and you can see her stretched out pussy hole and she pushes out some of what she calls “her babies”’ and he tells her that she is full of “jungle bunnies now”!!! He pulls his dick out and you hear as she calls him Master T!  As Master T leaves, another black cock takes his place to use that fertile hole again! She sucks his cock as it is offered to her and she is being a nasty girl telling him that she wants him to shoot up inside her pussy!
 She cries out “breed this white whore!”

 You can see Master T’s thick gooey seed oozing out of her cunt as she is taking another black cock.  Such a thick gooey creampie!!!!!!  And then the second guy lets off a load and she pushes so hard that you see her pussy turn inside out and you see the cream for the last load run out of her cunt in a long stream as she reaches down and plays with it and sucks her fingers saying that she had better be pregnant now!  Her pussy is so stretched and used and full of hot black baby making sperm!


Taylor-213 | Punished and Bred

Taylor is dressed all in black and 6 inch fuck me pumps and ready to be bred again! She is sucking his big black cock and proudly proclaims that she loves black cock as she seductively entices this man to fuck her with her eyes as she is sucking his cock. He makes her take him all the way down and she chokes on his cock enough to tear up and he slaps her whore mouth and makes her licks his balls.  He shoves his cock back into her mouth and she eagerly sucks him in anticipation of having that big black cock deep inside of her.  You can see her tears as she chokes and gags on his cock.  She smiles and says this is what happens when you choke on big black cock!

He makes her stand so that he can inspect her pussy and see that swollen clit to know that she is indeed ready to be bred.  She gets into her favorite breeding position!  On her hands and knees so that she can take that sperm deep inside her womb.  As this cock slides into her womb she cries out  “you have got a big dick!!!!”  He slaps her ass and you can see how quickly that ass goes red with his perfect handprint! He begins to pound her so hard and smacks that nasty ass as he can hear her sighs of relief when he slows down a little.  He is contemplating sliding his cock in her ass. Instead he ends up squatting over her ass as he slams that cock home and grinds it in deep.  You can hear her cries and then she begins to scream, "Give me that black cock!  He is really wearing Taylor out as he pounds that breeding hole in preparation for that load of black baby making sperm. He then splits her legs so that he can get into the deepest breeding position possible!! You hear that wet pussy as he pounds in deep and she cries out "breed this white bitch" He began to fuck her like she has never been fucked before.  He punishes her cunt!  Unbelievable!
He even says that he has punished her!  And again asks what kind of baby she wants and she sighs and says “a black baby!” He then takes his bandana and begins to slide it back and forth across her pussy lips as she whimpers like the bitch in heat that she is! He pops her with his bandana as he makes her say that she is a bad cunt!  She sucks his cock again until he is hard and puts her on her belly and starts to lick her cunt from behind! He slides his cock in while she is flat and all you hear are her moans of pleasure. You can hear him groan as he dumps that hot load of cum inside of her warm wet fertile cunt!
When he pulls out there is a string of his cum hanging from his cock!  And Taylor is a good little whore and pushes his cum out as she is lying on her tummy and he says you know that you are pushing out my babies and she pushes it back in!


Taylor-214 | Bred by Dominant Dick

You see the ever horny and slutty Taylor calling out.  "Somebody come and breed me!"
You have never heard Taylor be as verbal and begging to be bred before like this!!!!!  She is so verbally nasty!  You will not believe it! “Master Daddy” walks in and starts to spank Taylor for being a bad girl and wanting that big black cock to breed her! Hear her moans as she is spanked....  She loves being a bad girl! Hear her cry out "I want a black baby" He lays her back and shoves his big cock into her juicy hole as she gets very vocal as she still feels the sting from her red ass spanking!!  She is really moaning as she cums! ”Cum all in my white pussy!” She begs! She squats like a common whore and rides that cock! She calls out “ Breed me.... Breed me! Shove that cum in my pussy as far as you can.... Please I want a black baby!” Take this white pussy... she cries out.  Getting fucked on her hands and knees like the nasty slut that she is, He cunt is so sloppy…. those sloppy pussy sounds are heard as she cums and cums and cums Taylor proclaims that she is, “Master Daddy's bad girl!  I am a nasty girl!” She cums and he mounts her and fucks her hard from behind!

Taylor is filled with lust and you can see that look on her face!  Give me a black baby! Dump that baby making sperm in my pussy!  Breed me!!!! He takes red lipstick and marks her  “bred by daddy!”.... Taylor says, “I have been bad Master Daddy! The job is done! Taylor spreads that breeding hole to show off how well it has been used and pushes out some cum!  It's deep in there she says! He makes her suck him as she lies on her back! He lays back and she sucks his cock She sucks so deep that chokes and gags on his cock! Master Daddy hands her a black dildo and makes her masturbate with it! She lays back and shoves it into her pussy! She shoves it all the way inside her stretched out pussy!!!!! He makes her suck him while she is masturbating! He slaps her mouth with his big black cock! ! Hear her juicy pussy as she does this! He mounts her again and tells her what a bad girl she is for taking his cock. He spanks her and leaves her wanting more of his cock! He lets her cum one ore time to satisfy Taylor’s lust! He spanks her ass and leaves
And she rolls over and says "Well I know I got a black baby in here as she pats her tummy.


Taylor-215 | Blindfolded, Choked & Bred

This is the video where Taylor tells everybody that they know that she has already been successfully bred but that her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so she is back at it and ready to try again!
When he walks in she comments that is a nice black cock as she sucks and chokes on his cock as she talks to you!  Taylor looks really slutty in that fishnet outfit!  Like a street whore! She is licking balls and he is slapping her open whore mouth with his cock.  He removes her panties and she spreads those whore legs like the pro breeding whore that she is and starts to play with her pussy as he shoves his cock deeper into her mouth! He slaps her face with his cock telling her what a nasty girl she is!  He puts her on her knees on the floor and tells her to suck his cock but not to touch it with her hands!  He head begins to bob up and down like a good whore as she chokes and gags on his big thick cock!  He is forcing her head down on h is cock and she licks it from top to bottom!  She is gagging so much that she is drooling!  She moans something thru her whore lips about wanting a black baby!  He makes Taylor play with her cunt to make sure that she is hot and ready and open for her breeding session! He puts a blindfold on her and makes her continue to suck his cock, holding her head, fucking her mouth as she masturbates and cums whimpering!  She looks so submissive looking up and playing with her cunt and can’t see what is in front of her! Mouth open and eager as he slaps her tongue with his cock.  He tells Taylor that she is such a nasty little black cock whore…ask for my cum! Ask for it...he demands.

 As he shoves her face into his balls! He starts to fuck her so hard in the breeding position and you can hear how incredibly wet and juicy her cunt is!  Taylor gets verbal and is begging for that black baby!  She is on a mission! He dumps a big load in Taylor and it is a great creampie!  So thick and gooey!  She pushes so hard that he pussy opens up so wide!  And you can see all of that cum in puddles! He shoves his cock into this well-bred whore’s mouth for her to clean him up!  Daddy calls her a nasty girl with a cunt full of black seed that is dripping out of a used hole! , I was bred again!  Look at all of that black seed….that is a baby! She asks him, “You want a baby by a white girl?”  I want twins!  You see some of that precious baby making sperm running to Taylor’s asshole and she shoves it back into her fertile cunt….. cause that is good stuff!

Taylor is on a roll again as she says, “I am always ready for black cock!  This is where it all begins…….. In Taylor’s pussy.


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