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Taylor-501 | Did You Impregnate Me?

Yes!!! I am pregnant! I just did my test and it was positive!

So, it was either the time I did these two black men or another time that was around the same time. You decide!

Take a look and see if their baby making sperm was successful enough to stay in my fertile womb long enough to penetrate my eggs! These two black guys took turns with me, as they took their place between my legs and pumped me full of their sperm. Sometimes they held my legs up high, as the other rammed his cock in me, and other times, one pushed his cock in my mouth and the other in my pussy as they took what they wanted. And when one dumped his sperm in me, he had me use my hands to open my cunt lips wide, so you can see how loose my "hole" has become and to see any remnants of his sperm that was deposited inside me. All I know is that I am pregnant and trying to figure out which time it was. It doesn’t matter. I will let my belly swell with a black mans baby, and continue to spread my legs so that they can still use me whenever they want.

Did You Impregnate Me?


Taylor-502 | A Nun’s Tail #2

Our Fantasy series continues as Taylor dresses like a Nun and gets used.....RUFF!

We were overwhelmed with requests for her to do more of the Nun Series, so here it is! You see her being pushed onto the bed, forcefully and this group of black men makes her suck their cocks as they lewdly finger her, and open her gaping hole wide. They then begin to take turns and turn this innocent "Nun" into their personal cum dump. The amount of sperm that is dumped inside her womb is incredible!

They even choke and gag her, till her make-up runs down her face as she lets a flood of salvia spill from her whore mouth as they fuck it like her pussy. When another black man takes his turn, in her well-used hole, you can see the previous black bull’s sperm completely coating his cock, and spilling out, around his cock! These are some nasty Creampies!!

It ends as she is made to take more cock in her mouth and you hear her gag and spit up as they don’t stop and hold her arms down so she cannot get away..........all dressed as a Nun!


Taylor-503 | A Nun’s Tail #3

It picks up, immediately where it left off! Taylor is being well used, as she is dressed like a Nun!

They continue to make her take their thick black cocks as they use her for the nasty, dirty whore that she is. The spilling of her salvia as she chokes and coughs will make you cum, right away!

And then after they all take turns shooting their sperm inside her fertile womb, they take a stainless steel speculum and push it inside her and open it up wide! Her sore and swollen cunt is opened so wide that you can see the puddle of sperm deep in her cervix!! And when she slowly pulls the speculum out of her, you see all their sperm rise to the tip of her cunt lips, and when she takes the speculum completely out, the sperm streams out of her and makes a even bigger puddle between her legs, on the bed! But they don’t stop there! They continue to use her...and she is so turned on by being used like a cheap, nasty whore, that she just has to masturbate as she thinks of what she had just done.

Still dressed as a Nun, she gets punished and used again and again!!


Taylor-507 | Watching White Wife Whores

I watched my wife, Ruby, being used by Taylor, and made me cum quickly!

Seeing a double-headed dildo being shoved in both of their pussies as a couple black men looked on, I knew that they were soon going to be their white whores. And I was right! They wasted no time as their cocks got rock hard when they saw all the nasty acts my wife was doing with Taylor. And they roughly took each of them and made them both service their cocks.

Taylor took the first load into her open waiting mouth and my wife quickly reached out and kissed her deeply and exchanged all that sperm between them. And then my wife got her pussy filled and again, Taylor and her played and shared with all the sperm.

With both dressed in very high heels and stockings, dressed like whores and then seeing them share all that sperm was too hot for me, and after it was all over, I immediately shoved my cock in my wife and felt firsthand how loose and cum filled her pussy was (another video!)

I just had to show you this video as my whore shows me just what a whore she is.


Taylor-508 | Banana Split

This is one hot intense breeding session!!

Almost from the moment that Taylor put his huge cock into her hot tight fertile cunt – she starting whining that it was BIG!!!!

This dominant black bull knew exactly what he was going to do and it didn’t take him long and he OWNED her pussy! He buried his cock deep inside of her and she tried to back away but he wouldn’t let her. In fact he made her go after his dick and fuck him! Mounting her from behind he grabbed her hair and kept impaling her on that big black cock! In just a few deep strokes, Taylor wanted to come and he would not let her. He spanked her and made her ass cheeks red just to keep her on edge.

He dumped the biggest messiest load of cum in Taylor’s cunt that she has ever had at one time! He scooped all of that baby making seed out of her womb and spoon-fed her! Her mouth full she let it dribble down her lips! N-A-S-T-Y….!!

Taylor kept telling this man that he was splitting her in half – so he pulled out a banana and proceeded to fuck her with it – knowing that he pussy was full of “whipped cream” already!

Wanting some more of her hot fertile womb he buried his cock deep inside of her again and made her eat the banana as he fucked her with long hard strokes!


Taylor-509 | I am your Breeding Whore

Not matter what Taylor plans on doing it always ends up being something else entirely.

She was to meet with a black stud for a little hot breeding session. He brought a friend of his with him and then another came by and then another etc…… So instead of being a hot little piece of pussy for one black cock she ended up being passed around. But not before one guy who was shy wanted to hog her pussy the whole time that she was fucking! After he made her pussy so hot that she came so much that she had to stop for a minute and he was right back on it! Talk about a pussy hound! When he dumped his load inside he still didn’t want to give her hot pussy up to anybody else! Being called out to move so that we could see his load – he had dumped it so deep inside of her that she could not get any of his sticky hot baby making sperm out of her fertile womb! Another guy moves in and buries his cock deep inside where she is filled with sperm and he let go of his load in no time at all………….

2 loads and other guys waiting….or more dick from “the masked bandit”


Taylor-510 | Degraded Piggy

Taylor just had to get in on being a FUCK PIGGY!

She was marked by bright red lipstick, lipstick smeared around her mouth and the PIG NOSE and she was ready!!!! She is a fuck pig for a monster black cock! Taylor tries to stuff his whole cock into her mouth and she ends up getting sick…. UNBELIEVABLE! Proving once again that she is a Nasty Black Cock Whore! His cock is so big that you can see her struggle to take it all. Guys are telling this man to…….PUNISH THAT BITCH! This little piggy gets a big load of his HOT NASTY SEED!! She shoves her fingers into her stretched out PIGGY HOLE and makes those NASTY WET SOUNDS as she CUMS again and again!

Taylor is a hot fuck pig and shows you that she LOVES to be DEGRADED by BLACK COCK!


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